News & Updates

    No Wipe...:

    Hi there and welcome to Maple'Impact.
    Head over to FreeMarket and Find (MAHA) and claim your free medal and link stats ring.

    $15 USD for Vip Command such as @buffme, @myloots, @online, @recharge, @shop
    $30 USD = Vip Command and Pendant of the Spirit (Exp Pendant) Discount!.

    Donation Goal Target: $200 - For our Server Promo, Hosting Upgrades and Server Upgrades.
    PM Lei in (Discord) if you would like to help out with any amount, thanks

    Starting Fresh!

    Server information:

    Hi there and welcome to Maple'Impact.
    Download our game client and make sure you open up our mapleimpact launcher and click on check
    for updates to auto patch our lastest game files to prevent any error! . Make sure you disable any anti virus program you may have
    and open up windows defender and turn off the setting, before you extract our game files. If you dont the windows defender will detect
    our game client .exe and delete it. Anyways here in Maple'Impact we all help each other and to understand more about the server.
    @commands @online for help. If not sure ask random players and they will help you (or) in our discord channel...
    Have a wonderful time. Kind regards: Lehz

    Players hard work are kept!

    Earn/Build/Dream Characters/Party Play!
    Not a 1-2 Week Server......

    Experience the old MapleStory 0.83 (New GFX) Game`Play | NO PAY2WIN

    Game Description
    Ultimate PS - Challenging game-play -
    Rampage Exp: Channel 1 - Dynamic EXP: - Normal HP
    Rampage Exp: Channel 2 - More Exp - 5x HP
    Pampage Exp: Channel 3 - Unknown - 20x HP - Triple Attack, Def, Drops!

    Impact is a custom low/mid rate server which aims to combine the nostalgia of v83 Maplestory with updated endgame content in order to provide a long term community based server.

    Game Features:
    * Active Development
    - Regular updates to the game with new content
    * Reworked skills
    - Balance updates as needed
    * Bosses from newer versions
    * Party Based Gameplay
    * All PQs are working
    * Custom Boss Party Quest
    - Easy - Medium - Hard - Legendary
    * Custom repeatable quests
    * Temple of Time
    - Custom drops
    - Pink Bean
    * Maple Leaf system
    - Use Maple Leaves to buy equips and more!
    - Unique Maple Leaf gacha
    * Unique Gachapon systems
    - Immpact Letter gacha
    * ETC & USE item stacks raised to 3000
    * Multi Client available
    * Custom FM map with custom NPCs
    * HP/MP Quest
    - No washing necessary!
    * Free hair and face change
    - Thousands of combinations
    * v190 NX * v190 Chairs
    * Droppable NX
    * New Pets * New Mounts
    * NX Farming map
    * Create your dream character!

    New Features added:
    * Lionheart Castle!
    * Level 140-250 Equips and Weapons!
    * More End-Game content!
    * Stronghold
    * Ruin Henesys
    * No Link Stats Crap!
    * Have what it takes to play Maple`Impact?
    * KeyWord - Earn/Build/Dream Characters
    * Chaos of Goodness! * Rampage Channel!
    * Magic Cap removed from client
    * Movement Speed cap removed from client
    * HP/MP cap increased to 32k
    * PQs have no level cap

    * Long Term Sever
    * And more!!!

    Player Commands @help @commands:
    @checkdps - Damage checker

    Donator Commands:
    @buffme (Haste, Bless, BOF and Echo of Hero) (permanent)
    @myloots (Loot your own items in map, mobs that you kill) (permanent)
    @recharge (Recharge Arrow, Bullets and Throwing Stars) (permanent)
    @online (Shows who is online!) (permanent)

    Notice: Hello all of the Maple`Impact Players, Our server is currently being remade/rework on due to GFX-DC/Boss issue
    - overpower items - armors weak and other issue in the server for a better game-play.
    There will be a server wipe around 1-4 weeks, can't tell extact date/time/might be abit longer or shorten.
    All the donators will gain compensation packages when it is made. (Non Over-Power No P2W)

    Revamping/Rework will be better then ever + all skill rebalancing. Our aim to fix is:

    General high-level concepts: • Need training/farming options for levels 180+, people need the choice of leveling by either MOBBING or BOSSING - Higher (180+ mobs) with high spawn rate • End game bosses (& PQ) are TOO HARD for normal players and TOO EASY for donors (look in specific ideas section for solution) • Team play needs to be focused • Grind needs to be reduced, players should not have grind all year to begin bossing BUT should put in lots of work for the VERY END GAME items • Boss pq/zak/HT too many crashes and general crash issues.

    Specific Ideas to improve server: • Need to put in a mob for training/leveling for 180-255, people should have the choice to level by mob or bossing - I suggest buff LHC level and exp to be level 190 – 200 mobs but not too high like before • Buff boss exp, ALL bosses in the new boss PQ should give good exp because there is a limit to how many times you can do them - Again, it is about giving people choice in how they want to level. Additionally, this will incentivize people to gear up to boss (not just leech) • WS drop rate needs to improve in line with COGS and flames.

    New concept: • Have item tiers with DIFFERENT MAXIMUM upgrades for example: - 0 – 50 = tier 1 equipment = MAX +5 upgrade - 51 – 70 = tier 2 equipment = MAX +10 upgrade - 71 – 120 = tier 3 equipment = MAX +15 upgrade - 150 – 200 = tier 4 equipment = MAX +20 upgrade (these numbers are just example you can change accordingly)

    NOTE: • Tier equipment can be obtained from either BOSSING or PQ (should have choice for players) • The base stats between each tier should be NOTICEABLE: e.g. 10 all stats 7 WA/MA for tier 1 and 30 all stats + 30WA/MA for tier 2.


    Possible Note: that can happen.....
    Remove COG = Chaos of Goodness
    Keep it Chaos Scroll Straight with WS and boost Chaos Scroll from (-5 +10) (more interesting)
    Lowering Rebirth Flame from Max Upgrade +30 - +32 (+15 +21) (more interesting)
    No Donation needed - Unless you want to buy Vip Command and Nx Credit.
    Old Donator will gain back Vip Command.
    Party Play - And few more informations that will be coming so - stay tuned and be ready -

    More information: Exp Rate Level 1-10 1x Exp - Level 10-30 5x Exp - Level 30-70 10x Exp - Level 70-120 15x Exp - Level 120-170 10x Exp - Level 170-200 5x Exp - Level 200-230 4x Exp - Level 230-240 3x Exp - Level 240-250 2x Exp Level 250-255 1x Exp

    Notice: Every skill will be increase at max level.
    to be continued.