MapleStory Private Server 0.83


Experience the old MapleStory 0.83 (New GFX) Game`Play | NO PAY2WIN
Game Description
Ultimate PS - Challenging game-play -
Rampage Exp: Channel 1 - 5x - Normal HP
Rampage Exp: Channel 2 - 10x - 5x HP
Pampage Exp: Channel 3 - 25x - 20x HP - Triple Attack, Def, Drops!
Impact is a custom low rate server which aims to combine the nostalgia of v83 Maplestory with updated endgame content in order to provide a long term community based server.

* Active Development
- Regular updates to the game with new content
* Reworked skills
- Balance updates as needed
* Bosses from newer versions
* Party Based Gameplay
* All PQs are working
* Custom Boss Party Quest
- Easy - Medium - Hard - Legendary
* Custom repeatable quests
* Temple of Time
- Custom drops
- Pink Bean!
* Maple Leaf system
- Use Maple Leaves to buy equips and more!
- Unique Maple Leaf gacha
* Unique Gachapon systems
- Immpact Letter gacha
* ETC & USE item stacks raised to 3000
* Multi Client available
* Custom FM map with custom NPCs
* HP/MP Quest
- No washing necessary!
* Free hair and face change
- Thousands of combinations
* v190 NX * v190 Chairs
* Droppable NX
* New Pets * New Mounts
* NX Farming map
* Create your dream character!
New Features added:
* Lionheart Castle!
* Level 140-250 Equips and Weapons!
* More End-Game content!
* Stronghold
* Ruin Henesys
* No Link Stats Crap!
* Have what it takes to play Maple`Impact?
* KeyWord - Earn/Build/Dream Characters
* Chaos of Goodness! * Rampage Channel!

* Long Term Sever
* And more!!!

Player Commands @help @commands:

Donator Commands:
@buffme (Haste, Holy Symbol, Bless, BOF and Echo of Hero) @myloots (Loot your own items in map, mobs that you kill) @recharge (Recharge Arrow, Bullets and Throwing Stars) @online (Shows who is online!)