MapleStory Private Server 0.83

Update: 28 | Posted by Lehz on 07.22

Fix HD Users Client.

Open HD Launcher and click on check for updates!

Added Ludi Gachapon - Town

Added El Nath Gachapon - Town

View Rewards for Gachapon in FreeMarket - next to portal FM 1

Click on Maha - Information and Rules -

There you can view all the rewards and information about the server!


Fix and Clean Up Royal Park NPC (Iceman)


Smiling Mask, Crying Mask, Angry Mask, Sad Mask

Raccoon Mask, White Raccoon Mask

Boosted Stats!



image cut off and not place correctly! - 

Fix Image at login screen -

Fix creating character image - out of place

Fix ingame maps

Fix ingame status bar that cut off half the screen



ReUpload All In One Full Game Files for new comers to download to avoid errors!

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