MapleStory Private Server 0.83

Update: 31 | Posted by Lehz on 07.24

Remove (Pin) Login

Revamp Ultimate BossPQ Maps

Imported Ultimate BossPQ at Lv: 250-255

Fixed 85% of the hairs/eyes change colour fixed!

Fixed fault maple rings slots

Fixed Pink Bean (BossRun)

Added Few New Powerful Nx Wings (Full Effect)

Added 3 New Bosses

Increase Headless Horse -HH (Exp) the way it should be

Increase BigFoot HP - the way it should be here in Maple`Impact

Remove BlackGate helmet requirements (Dex)

Added two more medal to the Maha (NPC)


Zakum,HT,PAP - Other Bosses are fixed!


Make sure you open up our server launcher and click on check for updates

to patch the lastest file!


Reminder: Use (NPC) to summon the boss!


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