• Server Rules


    Welcome, where player's will feel sensation of the server with Concept.
    Player's are required to work together to override their respective ego!

    Things you need to know before playing the game.
    Since joining, means you have agreed to all the terms of us as the manager.

    1. About the Impact Shop System.
    * Impact Shop only through Nx Cash Card's, with reason and purpose.
    - Player buys their own needs.
    - To maintain the sustainability of the server.

    * By Agreeing to these Term.
    - 1: There will be no refund, if you decided to chargeback!
    - 2: Chargeback will lead to permanent banned from the server!
    - 3: Money are use for server fee upgrades/host/promoting!

    2. RMT
    * Real Money Trading for any items is (NOT) allowed.
    * Real Money Trading for Account / Char is Permanent banned id + ip.

    » General
    1. No cheat, of course!
    2. Don't make any drama.
    3. Don't promote others server.
    4. You can't use GM words for Nickname.
    5. Don't insult a player without a good reason.
    6. Bug's: Depends! Is it harm to others or not?
    7. No blaming, hate speech and something like that.

    » Ban Appeals
    *All users have the right to appeal their ban.
    *Apply for Ban Appeals - Discord Channel.

    » Advertise
    Advertising other server activity of producing advertisements
    for other goods and services. Will lead to a Permanent ban.

    » Server Voting
    Vote Abuse: Each player is allowed to vote once on three accounts.
    Voting on more than three accounts will have all associated accounts banned.

    » Warning - KeyWeight, Macros, Botting
    Botting & Using Key Weights:
    Players using AutoBot and key weights will be warned three times by being disconnected.
    Further usage of such methods will lead to permanent bans.

    » Account Sharing
    Account sharing is at player's own risk.
    If a player is breaking the game rules - account will be IP Banned.
    You cannot request for retrieval of items and/or mesos if another player obtains them.