• Vote for Rewards


    - You must have a character in your account above Lv: 15
    - And be logoff - in order to recieve the 3 VotePoints + 5,000 Nx Credit.
    - VotePoints can be use at our all in one npc - Maha in FreeMarket.
    - You must Successfully complete the CAPTCHA on GTOP to obtain the reward.
    - You are required to vote on a different device and IP in order for all 3 votes to count.
    - Example: PC and home wifi, Phone and Cellular Data.
    - You can vote every 12 hours!

    Warning - Rules!

    - Vote Abuse: Each player is allowed to vote once on three accounts.
    - Voting on more than three accounts will have all associated accounts banned.

    Input Login-ID Name And Not Character!


    Please make sure you are logged out of the game before you use this.